Our dynamic, vibrant and inspiring program is developed by our experienced educators.

It is flexible and reflects the individual needs and personalities of each baby, toddler, and child. The program is influenced by play-based learning where children are encouraged to explore, develop and discover through play and positive interactions without prejudice and bias.

  • A pre-school numeracy and literacy program will be optimised through diverse learning opportunities that are embedded and integrated into our day.
  • Through music, movement, storytelling, creative experiences, fine and gross motor activities, children will develop language, cognitive, social and emotional skills they require as stepping stones to future learning based on the fundamentals of the National Quality Framework.

    “Belonging, Being and Becoming”

    Miri’s Crèche and Kindy is committed to the successful implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Fundamental to the framework is a view of children’s lives characterised by Belonging, Being, Becoming.
    Knowing where and with whom you belong
    Childhood is a time to be to seek and to make meaning of the world
    Reflects the process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years as young children learn and grow

    Children participate in a wonderful Music, Movement and Learning program throughout the year providing them with following instruction, listening skills and developing gross motor skills.

    The Centre aims to provide a learning environment which encourages:

    • Children to take an active role and become confident and involved learners
    • Successful interaction with the peer group and with adults
    • Development of those abilities, skills and attitudes conducive to further learning
    • Self-expression and effective communication through language, dramatic play (e.g. home corner) and art medium
    • Building and creating with blocks and other construction toys
    • Use of paints (various methods)
    • Cooperating with each other and playing concept games
    • Enjoyment of music and story time as part of each day