Selecting an appropriate infant Maroubra daycare centre for your child is a very responsible and important task. It is very essential to ensure that your child is happy and safe in the environment of a daycare centre. Your infant child care is very important in these centres and thus they must be selected after thorough research and thought.

If you are looking for a certified childcare in Maroubra then contact Miri’s Créche & Kindy. We Value the daily routines such as eating, toileting, dressing and resting as opportunities for learning and social development, and therefore ensuring that these times are engaging and stimulating.

Our dynamic, vibrant and inspiring program is developed by our experienced educators. It is flexible and reflects the individual needs and personalities of each baby, toddler, and child. The program is influenced by play-based learning where children are encouraged to explore, develop and discover through play and positive interactions without prejudice and bias.

A pre-school numeracy and literacy program will be optimised through diverse learning opportunities that are embedded and integrated into our day. Through music, movement, storytelling, creative experiences, fine and gross motor activities, children will develop language, cognitive, social and emotional skills they require as stepping stones to future learning based on the fundamentals of the National Quality Framework.

We offer a small unique environment catering specifically for babies, toddlers and younger preschoolers. We are reliable childcare in Maroubra. Our dynamic, vibrant and inspiring program is developed by our experienced educators. For more info about our Maroubra daycare, call us today.

Miri has been in the child care industry for over 30 years and has extensive experience as both a teacher and an owner-operator. Miri has raised her own 7 children and is also a young grandmother who will care for your child as one of her own.